Life in amber…

I used to be the kind of guy who dumped a dram when a gnat landed in it. Now I feel the whiskey works better when it’s taken a life.

He who wears the vanilla crown..

First let me state that I wrestled with this post. Would I be violating the quality of my blog to review a flavored whiskey?

Then I thought, quit being a pretentious ass wagon (wagon that haulses asses) and do what you want because you can.

SO despite this being my first review (I didn’t review the Chivas Regal last night but will in the future) I present to you:

Crown Royal Vanilla

What caught my attention? I assumed it would come with a white bag and I wanted it.

First let me say that this smells like straight vanilla wafers. Maybe I’m missing something due to allergies but this is straight vanilla. It rolls over the tongue like a sweet cream that takes on a cinnamon quality as it heats up. The finish is a warm spiced vanilla.

My overall impression is this is the perfect whiskey when you can’t decide between whiskey or a milkshake.

It’s so sweet I want to say I don’t like it but am on to my seventh finger.

It’s a dessert whiskey!

Would I drink it all the time? No. Will I keep drinking it tonight and make it my thing? Absolutely.

So there you go. Canadian whiskey. Flavored whiskey. Two things I wouldn’t normally buy making for a delightful evening.

If you are a Canadian whiskey drinker and have recommendations, leave them in the comments and I’ll check them out!

I now retire back to the Dramary where there is no air conditioning and no light.

A secret about kids

No one ever tells you this… They grow up fast! Ok maybe you hear it all the time, but until you experience it, they’re just words.

We are at the walking and climbing phase right now which means Willow spends her time climbing up on the fireplace and holding on to whatever she can while she tip toes across certain areas of it. Of course we have concrete floors so it’s the most nerve-wracking thing.

It’s weird because even though I wanted to slow down and I want to enjoy where she is now, I’m just super excited for the part where she can actually understand and communicate with me. I want to have a conversation with her.

That just blows my mind to think about. I’m going to have conversations with something that I created.

To another life squeezed from the void..

Tonight I’m drinking Chivas Regal, a nod to a friend who just welcomed his new daughter into the world. May we both remember to take the time to make time for that which will blossom with or without us.

I had a lovely evening with my own daughter, Willow. We enjoyed dinner, a bath, and a book. She’s sleeping soundly and I’m back in the Dramary.


Welcome to the Dramary

This is a place where my mind unfolds and spills out across world for all to lap up and consume. It’s a mixture of my work, my struggles, and my taste for the finer things in life. It’s the lonely nights I’ve spent typing in a dark room with two fingers of whisky, stuck in place, while outside time marches on across the void. 

Please come in and break up the monotony of madness.

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