Mango cardamom cream ale…

Here’s one that I brewed. I toasted black cardamom seeds in the pot before adding any liquid. For the base I used an American cream ale extract kit. I added Cascade hops to the recipe. Added mango to the secondary.

It smells like mango and cardamom like that Indian mango ice cream I can’t remember the name of.

The taste is perfectly balanced of tropical hoppy bitterness and sweet mango.

The finish is a soft mango ice cream that fades to cardamom tea.

Also quite pleased with the clarity.

Pineapple Sculpin

I’ve been looking for these for a year. First recommended by some west coast partners. They said it was delicious. Couldn’t find it. That’s the back story.

Tonight I ask my wife to get my some beer, something summery. She comes home with the Pineapple Sculpin!

So here I am to tell you that the nose is pineapple juice and the floral scent of hops. It almost smells more like a cocktail.

It rolls in bitter across the tongue with a finish of tropical notes from the hops and juicy pineapple. 

The hops stay with you like a bitter grapefruit peel.

I’m on my 2nd one and just noticed that I already feel a little head change. It does indeed pack a sting!
Buy it. Drink it.

Ghost fingers…

A book I wrote is getting published. I can’t share it because I’m the ghost writer. I could have just linked it without taking credit but this is my blog and I felt entitled to a self-congratulatory part on the back.

A day late..

Smoke and orange and a hint of anise, with a medicinal aftertaste. I screwed up my meds so I don’t feel like saying more. Happy Bastille day after!

A dandy shandy…

Tried a Leinenkugel’s watermelon shandy. 

I found the taste somewhere in between watermelon and watermelon flavoring. It was also quite biscuity.

I would rate it a 3 because it’s pretty good and I could see drinking it seasonally.

I think my buddy would like this one.

Check him out at

I’m sorry you’re sick, but…

Willow is running a little fever and snotting up today. I hate to see her miserable, but I’m loving the snuggles!

We took two naps together, something I’ve been trying to get her to do for a long time.

I’ve received about a million snotty kisses.

I needed a good daddy daughter day.

Life in amber…

I used to be the kind of guy who dumped a dram when a gnat landed in it. Now I feel the whiskey works better when it’s taken a life.

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